Control over your children

‘You’re young and you want to experience life.’ You can understand that but you are still concerned. Worrying about your children is perfectly normal. Naturally you want the best for them. Do you still have the feeling that something is going on and that it’s time to take the next step?

Is my son or daughter taking drugs?

In the first instance, talking with your children is most important, but we don’t doubt that you have already done that. Some youths are very skilled at telling you exactly what you want to hear or at hiding alcohol, cigarettes and/or drugs. With the result that you, as a parent, are often the last one to hear what is really going on.

Who is this really?

For a while now your daughter has had a new boyfriend, for the last few months your son has been spending a lot of time with a different group of friends. Are you worried about who these people are and whether these contacts could lead to serious repercussions? – Bring in a de Kort & Partners detective. We will make the necessary inquiries.

You can count on a discrete and neutral (just because you think that something is not right, doesn’t mean that it is necessarily the case) investigation. This allows you to ensure that the trust between you and your children is not damaged.

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