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Hiring a private investigator as an insurer

Do you, as an insurer, have doubts about the honesty of a claim? Are there gaps or inconsistencies in the story of one of your clients? As an insurer, naturally you want to have absolute certainty about any claims. The de Kort & Partners private detectives will investigate possible fraudulent claims, damages and other suspicious situations for you.


Gathering the necessary information in these situations is often very sensitive. Our detectives use state-of-the-art laboratory, IT and communications techniques. Using these methods, the information obtained is always legally usable. At de Kort & Partners, we guarantee 100% compliance with all legal and deontological rules.

Verification of covered claims

Do you doubt whether a particular claim should in fact be covered by the policy? We can help you with the investigation.


You may have reason to believe that an insured person is purposely trying to mislead or harm you. We'll investigate this for you!

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