Hiring a private detective as a lawyer

As a lawyer, you can use our services if you need extra proof in a specific case. Our private detectives will search for the necessary proof discreetly and directly. In the past, the court was quite dismissive of detective reports. Luckily, since the modification of the detective laws in 2010, this has changed.

The de Kort & Partners investigations can cover competition clauses, intellectual property theft, fraud and problems with labour legislation. If you have such a case where you need extra proof, contact us and we’ll get it for you.

Investigation of non-competition

Despite the specific clause in their work contract, there are workers who still go to work for the competition. Sometimes they have not thoroughly read the contract, other times they are very conscious of the facts.

Intellectual property theft

As a lawyer, do you sometimes have to defend a case in which theft of intellectual property took place? It is often very difficult to find substantial evidence in these cases.

Proving company fraud

The right evidence is therefore extremely critical in winning this kind of case. The detectives at de Kort & Partners can help you by making a thorough and discreet investigation.

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