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Hiring a private detective as a private individual

Are there certain issues in your life that don’t feel right? Do you have doubts about your partner’s faithfulness? Do you think that a pre-marriage investigation is a good idea? Is your partner not paying the agreed alimony? In such cases you can hire a private detective.

We guarantee the utmost discretion and professionalism in all private investigations!

Do you have a case where you could use the help of a detective? Do you doubt the intentions of certain people?

Theft investigation

Have you been robbed but you don’t know who the culprit is? Are the authorities also unable to find the culprit?

Control over your children

Worrying about your children is perfectly normal. Do you still have the feeling that something is going on and that it’s time to take the next step?

Invest safely

Are you wondering if your investments are safe? We do the research and come up with concrete proof. You are then able to make an informed decision.

Alimony / visitation rights

While the children stay with you, you are in control, but what do they do when they are with your ex-partner? We carry out an investigation so that you can feel at ease while your children are staying with your ex-partner.

Evidence of parental kidnapping

Your children are leaving ‘on holiday‘ with your ex-partner. However, if this is a last-minute decision and you haven’t been informed of the length and destination of the trip?

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