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This is how we solved a case of theft at work

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This is how we solved a case of theft at work

2 weeks of observation by 6 people, to identify the offenders

Theft by your own personnel happens more frequently than you would think. This company was also the victim of theft at work. They hired us to trace the offenders quickly and discreetly. And as professional private detectives, that is precisely what we did.

The start of the investigation into theft at work

The company noticed that copper was being stolen by employees during work hours. After a detailed discussion with the company, we suspected that this was being carried out by an organised ‘gang’. The theft occurred when the company stopped their old electricity to install new electricity. The gang, consisting of around seven people, was stealing copper and other materials during the work. It was up to us to unmask the members of the gang and to find the stolen goods.




6 weaks

Stolen goods


Investigation methods

Since we were looking at an organised gang in this case, we decided we should also approach it as a team. Result: six people did two weeks of observation in order to the trace the thefts. That’s how we came to understand that the key figures in the gang were a father and son. They were both employees of the company.

Result of the investigation

Thanks to the fact that we approached this case as a team, we saw results very quickly. We knew who the key figures were and precisely how the theft was happening. Luckily enough, we had an investigating magistrate working with us. We were able to:

  • Carry out house searches
  • Expose the theft more speedily
  • Determine the number of employees involved

What was the result of all this hard work? The employees were caught and all the stolen material was found at the father’s home. The stolen copper was destined to go to a buyer later. In other words, in a relatively short time we were able to trace both the thieves and the stolen material.

Do you also suspect employees of stealing goods or money? Contact us to discuss your suspicions and we can examine the possibilities together.

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